The game started off as a late-night experiment and somehow evolved into a pretty playable and polished prototype for a shoot-em-up that isn't very discreet about hiding its CAVE and Touhou influences.

In terms of gameplay, the game draws inspiration from Ikaruga in trying to combine bullet hell game-play and puzzle mechanics.

The core mechanic was to be absorbing enemy skills and turning them against them at key times to change the stakes. Unfortunately, this mechanic was never fully integrated into the gameplay.

The game was made with XNA 3.0 and the FlatRedBall game engine. Due to this, it only runs on Windows.


The game is controlled by keyboard. Gamepad support is not available.

  • Space to shoot
  • Arrow keys for movement
  • Left control to "absorb" skill (shooting aborts)
  • Enter to activate current skill


The game looks much better in motion, but here are some pictures! :)

Title screen
Title screen
Ingame menu
Warlock enemy
Flying bookcases
Mesh-based enemies
Skill Lock
Skill absorption
Common sight
Boss Phase 1
Boss - phase 1
Boss Phase 2
Boss - phase 2


The game has been successfully tested on Windows 7. If XNA 3.0 isn't installed, the game will crash with a non-descriptive error message. For other platforms, see below.

Monogame port

I'm planning to do a Monogame port/reboot of sorts (Linux, Android, etc) sometime in the future, but this pretty much requires a full rewrite. I've started doing the groundwork, but it will not be done anytime soon.


Graphics and game code are original. Sound effects and music are licensed and credited within the game.

Thanks to Irubataru, Rik and ElementCy for testing/feedback.